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1:1 VIP

This support is for you if you have already invested in your development, through training, books, or others and now want personalized support to take you to the next level with someone who has been in your place and who cares about your situation as much as you do.


I will help you discover what motivates your behavior and better understand what is holding you back in your progress. I will partner with you so you can reach your development goals and targets faster.



In group coaching, members share common challenges and move forward together in the desired changes, drawing inspiration from each other. It is a process of developing skills and abilities where participants share their resources and learnings and celebrate their successes! 


I accompany the group by asking impactful questions and sharing points of view, in order to help participants explore the opportunities that present themselves to them, to examine the best strategies, and to take action in the face of their situations.

Clapping Audience
Team Meeting


To better understand yourself and work as a team in a context of transition or organizational change


With over two decades of experience as a leader in large corporations, I understand organizational dynamics.


We know that in order for a team to perform well, it is important that each person can strengthen their self-awareness and knowledge of others, which in turn allows them to develop their skills and realize their full potential. By developing the potential of the team members, they will be able to contribute fully to the performance and success of the company. The Enneagram is a powerful tool to achieve this.


The Enneagram is a map that sheds light on the nine different architectures of human character. As it is a cross-cultural and surprisingly accurate tool, more and more organizations are using it to improve emotional intelligence, enhance communication, manage conflict constructively, build effective teams, develop leadership, and more.

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