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Valérie DesRoches

Leadership coach to high achieving women

Valérie Desroches

Being the best at what I do has never been a question for me. When I reached my dream job as an executive in a male-dominated industry, I wore my achievement with pride, especially since I equated who I was with what I did, and I did a lot…


I spent 20 years climbing the corporate ladder to become Vice President of a Fortune 500 company with the responsibility for leading high-performance teams of 200 people+ in commercial real estate and engineering, where female role models remain underrepresented in senior management.


I loved my job. In all respects, life was good, as long as I kept up. I truly enjoyed being seen as an achiever. I brought work home, worked all the time, and when I felt stressed or overwhelmed, I exercised as intensely as I did my job! I was so focused on succeeding and inspiring my team to achieve our goals, I was blindsided by unconscious behaviors that were busy derailing me. I didn’t see them until the day my body gave up.


When I stopped long enough to listen to cues, I realized I had been experiencing frequent cognitive and concentration issues. Doctors confirmed burnout from overworking and the after-effects of a past concussion. As with everything, I applied myself to getting better to return to my beloved career. Clearly, life had other plans as two years and umpteen efforts later, I finally surrendered to never going back.



Fast forward to today, I help high-achievers tap into their superpower and lead with intention rather than ego, so they can create the impact they desire. When they tap into their internal power system, they feel balanced, confident, and fulfilled and avoid running on empty from forever trying to prove themselves.


I believe in a world where performance is measured as much by being as by doing, where conscious and intentional leadership is valued, and where women guide companies and teams to success from the best version of themselves.

My Values




It means adhering to principles and being honest with yourself and others, which gives value and creates meaning. It is also to be true, frank, honest, sincere and trustworthy.

It is a leadership posture that involves knowing yourself well, giving meaning to your life, being honest and consistent, finding motivation in your deep values to continue your work and being present regularly and with confidence. .

It is a positive attitude towards others. It is about taking care of others, making sure they are well and creating good working conditions so that everyone can give their best and grow professionally.


It is a posture of leadership which consists in taking into account the needs of people within the framework of a cooperation around a collective project. In other words, it is an open, solution-oriented attitude that enables individuals to perform at their best.

It is the strength to act, despite the difficulties, by overcoming fears and worries. It is the ability to do the right thing at the right time. It is also daring to move forward, daring to make decisions, daring to persevere on a daily basis, even in the face of criticism.

It is a leadership posture that makes people more efficient, increases credibility, arouses commitment and trust, facilitates team mobilization and has a positive impact on the work climate and the performance of the organization.



"Wow...Simply wow! Valerie has arrived at the perfect time in my life. She is the best investment I could have made as an ambitious woman and leader."

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Paule Voisard I CEO & Founder, Vision PV

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