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Thrive to the top 

Leadership coaching for high-achieving women who are ready to step into being their best

Discover what could be blocking you

DOWNLOAD: Challenges and changes you can make today to start thriving in your career

You’re not alone

Leaders need to shift from ‘doing’ to ‘being’ successful 


Ressens ta confiance

Rediscover your innate strengths and defeat imposter syndrome. Re-establish your boundaries, access your decision-making wisdom, and learn to fully trust yourself.

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Be Resilient

 Identify the derailers in your leadership style to move past survival into intention-driven empowerment. Master your mental capacity to focus and prioritize, accessing a new calm even in the face of chaos.


Grow Your Influence

Optimize relationships and communicate clearly by being present and courageous. Replace ego-based thinking with conscious leadership and watch your impact grow.


You’re striving to elevate as a leader

You're brilliant
The problem… 

Roadblocks are keeping you from advancing leaving you feeling   

Overworked and stressed trying to keep up  

Undervalued and unrecognized for your contributions


Frustrated for not having more impact 


At the end of the day, you go home with more work with the nagging feeling of being unseen and unfulfilled.

Hi there!

I'm Valérie

Leadership Coach For High-Achieving Women

I've been in your heels! 


I get how devitalizing it is to think you're doing everything right and still not achieving your career goals. With over 20 years of experience climbing the corporate ladder, I reached the top. As a former vice president, I led high-performance teams of 200 people in commercial real estate and engineering, where female role models are underrepresented. I loved my job and was proud that I had “made it” only to be blindsided by ill health! Today, I help high-achieving women access a deeper purpose within themselves in order to rise to their full potential and step into the best version of themselves, so they can be the sought- after leaders of tomorrow’s companies.

Intention & Impact FR_edited.jpg
Intention & Impact Leadership

Lead from the best version of you 

Intention & Impact™  is a 6-month coaching experience that takes you from feeling depleted “doing” all the right things, to fulfilled “being” the best version of you, so you can become the leader you were born to be and finally make a bigger impact on the world.


Ways to work with me


Do you value personal connection? You can feel comfortable knowing I have your back for 6 months!

Group cohorts

Pour développer ta conscience et ton leadership en partageant avec d’autres sur des défis communs.


Advance and retain leaders in your organization through self-awareness and teamwork.

 Step into the best version of yourself

Are you ready to…

Just imagine going from…

Struggling to be seen 

Not having the impact you want

Not reaching your full potential

Anxious and overwhelmed 

To thriving by…

Owning your personal power 

Aligning with your mission and enrolling others

Confidently leading a fulfilled and balanced life

Calmly and strategically setting boundaries

"A strong woman understands that gifts like logic, decisiveness, and strength are just as feminine as intuition and emotional connection. She values and uses all her gifts."

~ Nancy Rathburn ~

Schedule a call

On a 30-minute discovery call, 

we' discuss your challenges and determine the conditions for a successful partnership.

Don’t be held back

Activate your coaching

You establish your intentions and goals, commit to the process, and are supported with bi-weekly,  accountability sessions to help you progress. 

Unleash your power

You own your personal power and you start feeling aligned, and confident making better decisions faster.

Making a bigger impact is simple



"Wow... Simply wow! Valérie arrived at the perfect time in my life. She's the best investment I could have made as a woman and an ambitious leader."

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Paule Voisard
CEO & Founder Vision PV



La gestion bienveillante en entreprise


La gestion bienveillante en entreprise

La bienveillance commence par la connaissance de soi certes, mais aussi par celle des autres

Qu’est-ce que l’ennéagramme ?


Qu’est-ce que l’ennéagramme ?

L'ennéagramme est un outil puissant qui permet d’améliorer l’intelligence émotionnelle à propos du développement personnel et professionnel.

La motivation, une source de stress ou de réussite ?


La motivation, une source de stress ou de réussite ?

Pour se motiver il faut trouver notre intérêt à le faire – pourquoi on a envie de le faire – ou quel est le plaisir que ça peut générer.

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